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Areas of Practice

The Law Firm of John B. Wells provides in depth legal services to assist you in the development of your case. Our staff investigator, Ken Lord, a retired Army Reserve Military Police Lieutenant Colonel and retired Navy Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent, works tirelessly to inquire into the circumstances surrounding your case. Additionally, our firm routinely uses the services of William "Joe" Allen, one of the top polygraphers in the southeast United States to investigate both civil and criminal cases. Mr. Allen has conducted almost 14,000 polygraphs and has a proven record of success.

Military personnel whose decisions today are being questioned by the liberal media, left-wing politicians and out of touch bureaucrats will find John Wells a strong ally. As a former surface warfare officer, John Wells understands the Laws of War and how they are applied. He is conversant with tactics, weapons systems and the role of military in today’s society. In this environment of political correctness, you cannot afford to trust your career and your freedom to the system. Nor can you rely on a former JAG with no tactical experience. You need a strong advocate with line officer experience to represent you. John Wells had ten years at sea and is qualified for command at sea. He understands the operational environment as well as the legal system. John Wells and his staff will work with you through every phase of your legal problem with the goal of terminating the matter favorably and at the earliest possible opportunity.

Mr. Wells is also conversant with veterans laws and represents veterans before the Board of Veterans Appeals and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.  He is admitted to practice before the Department of Veterans Affairs and often conducts Continuing Legal Education courses for other attorneys on veterans matters.  Mr. Wells represents miltiary personnel and veterans to ensure their rights are protected under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and USERRA.  On a pro bono basis, Mr. Wells acts as Director of Legal and Legislative Affairs for the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association.

Mr. Wells is allied with the Alliance Defense Fund, a faith based organization dedicated to the protection of religious liberty. He will defend free of charge pro-life people being persecuted by the abortionists. He will further defends teachers, students, schools or school districts, free of charge, who are being persecuted for the proper and legal free expression of religious rights. Mr. Wells is a champion of First Amendment rights law especially dealing with religious persecution in the school system. Mr. Wells will assist those who defend marriage and help them to understand the legal rights and requirements which sometimes fall prey to an aggressive agenda. Mr. Wells will also assist churches and synagogues on a no-fee basis to defend against unfair attacks by bigots who are trying to stamp out the rights of others to practice their religion. He will review, free of charge, any charter, articles of incorporation and bylaws of any religious organization and provide them advice on legal compliance with State and federal laws. NOTE: Due to the rules of the legal profession, Mr. Wells can only provide advice on State issues within the District of Columbia, the State of Louisiana and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He can assist churches outside of those areas in finding state qualified counsel who will assist them at no charge. Although no fees will be charged for these services, in some cases the client may be asked to defray actual costs incurred.

Mr. Wells’ rates are $200.00 per hour plus expenses. Military and disabled veterans receive a special rate of $150.00 per hour. Contingency fees are usually available in personal injury, civil rights and some veterans benefits cases as well as Federal Tort Claim Act litigation. Our firm will discuss payment plans for military clients and veterans. We also accept Visa, Master Card and Discover.

Mr. Wells routinely travels to the military complexes along the Gulf Coast but will also travel throughout the world to assist people in trouble. Although about 25% of our practice deals with military matters, the firm will represent clients in state courts in Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia and Louisiana and federal courts throughout the United States. A proven litigator, who is equally at home in federal state or military courts, John Wells is a tough advocate who will represent your interests professionally, ethically and competently.

The professional and successful team at the Law Office of John B. Wells can be depended upon to quickly reach the heart of the investigation. Reliance on experienced, patient and proficient investigative techniques based on the latest technology has resulted in John Wells winning a number of criminal acquittals including tough military Courts-Martial. Additionally, our firm has negotiated a number of settlements favorable to our clients. If you have been falsely accused of a crime or you are the legitimate victim of injury or discrimination - John Wells and his team are always a superb choice to represent your interests.


John B. Wells

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