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Criminal & Military
1997 Double rape - full acquittal
1997 Sexual harassment - full acquittal
1998 Triple rape - Acquittal on two of three rapes. Remainder overturned on appeal
1998 Sale of controlled substance - full acquittal
1999 Possession of controlled substance - full acquittal
1999 Military fraternization, sodomy false statement - Acquittal except for false statement
1999 Murder - non capital result
2000 Possession of controlled substance - Charges dismissed
2000 Rape - Charges Dismissed
2001 Larceny - Full acquittal
2001 Rape - Charges Dismissed
2002 Rape - Acquittal on rape charge. Convicted on minor charges
2003 Indecent Assault/Indecent Liberties - Full Acquittal
2004 Settled military member's personal injury case for over $350,000.
2004 Fraud and abuse investigation against Navy O-3. Charges not preferred and investigation closed after results of our investigation was provided to NCIS
2005 Fraud and forgery charges not preferred against Coast Guard Warrant Officer and investigation closed after Coast Guard reviewed our investigation.
2005 Appellate court set aside Bad Conduct Discharge, forfeitures and remitted some confinement of Navy E-6 convicted of Kidnapping, Assault and other crimes. (Noted: client not represented at court-martial by this office).
2005 Rape conviction overturned on appeal
2005 Won Merit Systems Protection Board case and reinstated Marine Reservist O-3 who was discriminated against because of military service.
2006 Rape, two counts of indecent assault, indecent language, adultery, three counts of obstruction of justice. 12 orders violations. Acquitted of all but 3 orders violations. Sentenced to reprimand.
2007 E-6 Discharge board personality disorder - No misconduct and retained
2007 E-5 Rape, indecent assault, Orders Violation. Charges Dismissed.
2007 E-9 Indecent acts with a minor, Indecent language, Providing Alcohol to Minor - Full Acquittal.
2008 USN Conspiracy & False Official Statements, Charges dismissed and adjudicated administratively
2008 USCG E-5 Second alcohol incident - Retained
2009 Judge Advocate General set aside conviciton in 2002 trial when tainted DNA evidence discovered.
2009 USAF E-7 Conspiracy, Orders violation (x3), graft. Dismissal or finding of not guilty on all charges and specifications.
2010 Favorable appeal and award of attorneys fees for LA National Guard Officer.
2011 Favorable settlement with the US Navy resulting in financial award and reserve retirement for discharged individual. .
2012 JROTC Instructor loss of certification vacated and reinstated.
2012 USAF E-5 charged with larceny and fraud. Mixed verdict with no discharge or confinement.  Conviction later set aside.
2013 USN O-5 dioscharged by Board of Inquiry. Reinsated with back pay.

Negotiated beneficial settlements on complex construction law cases, employment cases, Katrina insurance cases, negligent and intentional torts, contract law cases and civil rights cases. Aggressively pursued collection cases for small and medium sized businesses.

Successfully represented juveniles in delinquency matters in several Louisiana courts. Represented children and parents in children in need of care hearings. Represented military personnel in cases involving the family advocacy system.

Nineteen published decisions in several appellate courts including the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, the United States Court of Federal Claims, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, the Louisiana Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and the United States Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals. Mr. Wells has also practiced before the Supreme Court of the United States, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the Louisiana Supreme Court and various federal courts thorough out the United States.


The Law Office of John B. Wells represents large, medium and small businesses, and people from all walks of life. Size and name recognition are not important here. We are interested in protecting the interests of people who need help. Our clients have included the following:

Charter School, Restaurant Chain, Construction Companies, Educational Services, Military Personnel, Professionals, Homemakers, Homeowners' Associations, Small Business Owners, Hourly Workers, Unemployed, Retirees, Disabled Veterans, Disabled non-Veterans, Military Dependents, Juveniles, Infants

At the Law Office of John B. Wells, no one client is more important than any other client. We work just as hard for the disabled veteran as we do for the big companies. We give a substantial military and veteran discount. We have also put military and veteran clients on payment plans tied to major credit cards. We accept VISA, Master Card and Discover to help you meet your financial commitments to use while we work to resolve your legal problem.

For an inquiry and personal consultation please dial 985-641-1855. Callers outside of the New Orleans area may call 1-800-817-5123.


John B. Wells

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